'ROC' - the debut album
Remastered and reissued on download
and for the first time on vinyl LP

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1996 'Between love and madness lies the ROC album. You wouldn't want to live there. But you do' (Melody Maker)

2014 'A huge record - like wrestling a runaway truck, or having your neck kissed by angels' (Electronic Sound)
'Deeply idiosyncratic alt pop...skewering expectation with every song' (Uncut)

ROC: 'Writing's on the Wall'
NEWS updated 15.09.16
ROC covers Devo for Electronic Sound magazine CD

ROC cover new Bond theme 'Writing's on the Wall'

'ROC' debut album reissue - vinyl and download links

New live videos from Dalston & Brixton

Live review of Dalston show in God Is In The TV

'ROC' reissue reviews: Uncut, Record Collector etc (and '96 originals)

Birmingham 22 November postponed

Interviews: Electronic Sound etc etc

'ROC' debut album reissue - rare/unreleased versions uploaded

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ROC covers Devo for Electronic Sound CD
ROC's version of Devo's 'Come Back Jonee' is on the cover cd of the new issue of
Electronic Sound magazine, with Leibach, Billie Ray Martin, Chris Carter etc.

ROC cover new Bond theme 'Writing's on the Wall'
ROC were invited to cover 'The Writing's on the Wall' from the new Bond film, for the
wiaiwya label. Listen/buy here.

'ROC' debut album reissue
ROC's reissued 1996 debut album 'ROC' is out now on
Metal Postcard Records. Remastered from the original studio tapes, it's available on download and for the first time as a limited vinyl LP. The LP is an edited version of the original CD (which ran over 1 hour), and comes with a download voucher for the full-length album. The LP also comes with a previously-unseen 1995 photo of the band by Joe Dilworth.


Download tracklist: DesertWind/Excised/God Willing/Hey You Chick!/Balloon/RealTime/Plastic Jesus/I Want You I Miss You I Need You/Gold Bug/La Heredia/Thirteen Summers/Dear Nicky/Sylvia's Thighs/Asencion/Clouds

Vinyl tracklist: (Side A) Desert Wind/Excised/Hey You Chick/I Want You I Miss You I Need You/La Heredia (Side B) Real Time/Dear Nicky/Ascencion/Clouds

Vinyl order enquiries:
USA & CANADA: www.naildistribution.com UK: www.code7music.com ROW: Metal Postcard

Live videos from Dalston and Brixton

Live review in God Is In The TV from Servant Jazz Quarters Dalston
"Whimsical dreams, musings, internalized thoughts externalized...past, future prayers open and vulnerable"
ROC's recent London show (relaunching their debut LP 'ROC') reviewed in
God Is In The TV

'ROC' debut album reviews, 2014 and 1996
ROC's debut album was widely-praised on its original release in 1996, and current reaction to the 2014 reissue suggest it's standing up well! Here are some reviews from both years:

Uncut 'The trio belonged to Britpop like cats belong in the sea'
Record Collector 'An elusive, genre-defying sprawl'
Electronic Sound 'Like wrestling a runaway truck...or having your neck kissed by angels'
God Is In The TV 'Catchy as hell classics zip by'
Leonards Lair 'Sampling, ambience, dance, rock, creepy thoughts and a little bit of pop really could work together'
BBM 'Hats off to Metal Postcard for dragging this criminally overlooked band back from obscurity'
South Wales Argus 'Installation pop, samples and instrumentals which wouldn't sound out of place on a disturbing movie'

Melody Maker 'Between love and madness lies the ROC album. I think I'm in love with them, whoever they are, because they know me so well'
Vox 'One of the most perplexing, disturbing, joyous, gutsy, chaotic and heterogeneous albums you're likely to hear all year'
NME 'Welcome to the new faces in hell, here to take over the mantle of Satanic Beasts Of Weird Eclecticism last handled by Tricky. There are moments of outstanding abstract beauty, blind fury, fine off-kilter pop and much, much strangeness'
The Wire 'There's a willingness to smudge categorical boundaries in the pursuit of the unique. This is no easy listen, but it's all the better for it'
Music Week 'A storming debut. The extraordinarily diverse set veers from electronic ambience to slick pop tunes. An early candidate for album of the year'

More 1996 reviews in Press.

Birmingham 22 November postponed
We are sorry to say the planned Birmingham gig on November has been postponed. We hope to have new dates shortly.

Interviews: Electronic Sound etc
ROC have done several new interviews around the reissue of the 'ROC' album:

Electronic Sound ROC are interviewed in depth by former Melody Maker writer Neil Mason in Issue 8 of this tablet/phone magazine. The article covers the history of the band and the circumstances leading to the original release of 'ROC': '...a roll call including Eno, Nirvana, Radiohead, Spice Girls and Bryan Ferry. There are hysterical lawyers, absent managers and smarting label bosses. You couldn't make it up.'
Maybe Magazine A rare solo interview with Fred.
Back to Mine playlist DMCWorld asked Fred, Karen and Patrick to choose 10 favourite songs and explain why!
Fame Magazine 'We didn't become tv presenters, we still make music'
Hit The Floor image gallery Hit The Floor chose 10 images from around the original release and asked Patrick for a few explanatory comments.
God Is In The TV 'It never occurred to me that the thing to do was become some 60s-copyist lads band'
I House U 'Every track lives on its own fully-formed planet'

'ROC' debut album reissue - unreleased versions free streams
To celebrate the reissue of ROC's debut album we unearthed rare or unreleased versions/demos/remixes of tracks from the record, and various sites have been showcasing them:

Asencion (album session monitor mix) on Backseat Mafia. A working version from the mix session at Matrix Studios London, Spring 1995.
I Want You I Need You I Miss You (Grandbrother remix) on Data Transmission. One of our favourite remixes of this song, by California's Grandbrother.
I Want You I Need You I Miss You (Slangton remix) on Glasswerk. A beautiful garage/electro/breaks version by Slangton aka Ben Willmott, NME/Mixmag writer and Spiky Records label boss.
I Want You I Need You I Miss You (Slangton Long Mix) on C-Heads. Not content with one remix (above) Slangton made an extended and distinctly different version.
Solah remix of Excised on Supajam. Solah is the production name of Romford tech house dj Nicky Holt who has worked with ROC on several productions and turned in brilliant remixes of our songs, including 'I Want You I Need You I Miss You' and '(Dis)Count Us In'. This is his unreleased 1996 mix of 'Excised'
I Want You I Need You I Miss You (demo) on God Is In The TV. A pre-mix demo from 1995 with an early guide vocal by Karen.
Excised (Rough mix) on Raw Meat. A work-in-progress demo, heavy on the piano this one!
Dear Nicky (Album Session monitor mix) on Gigslutz. A working version from the mix session at Matrix Studios London, Spring 1995.
Excised demo on Louder Than War. Another pre-mix demo again with a different vocal. Judging by what happens at 2.30 this was apparently recorded before Fred wrote verse 3...

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ROC-related pages, musicians, labels etc

Keeping it Peel John Peel archive

Definition Arts studio and label of ROC producer Danton Supple
Gareth Huw Davies bassist, producer and friend
Drumshack South London music shop owned by Mark Law, drummer on "Excised" (from "ROC" album) and Radio 1 Mary-Anne Hobbs session
Dsico "Sink A Bite" remixer
Ollo remixers of "Journey"
Bullet Proof Sounds remixer of "Vespers" & "Journey"
DJ Tempest remixer of "Sink A Bite Into Life"
Grandbrother remixer of "I Want You I Miss You I Need You"
Oh Astro more remixers of "Journey"

Cal-TV "Sink A Bite Into Life" video director
Greg Neate photographer who took recent pics
Tagmonkey home to Starpower Collective who co-designed "Night Fold..." artwork

Losing Today
Leonards Lair

Metal Postcard
12 Apostles